Vintage fashion

I’ve always loved vintage fashion, but truthfully, I never really knew what to look for until recently. I have lots of vintage items in my wardrobe that I don’t wear and aren’t genuinely beautiful pieces, which I think vintage is largely about. However, I have picked up a few gems in the past couple of years which are lovely examples of some vintage items. I read a lot of blogs and see all the stunning dresses the writers wear and when I see that they’re from ‘vintage’, I’m always shocked! I can never seem to find those gems! Next time, I’m going to look a hell of a lot harder, because I’m sure there is some pretty thing out there!


Jacket: ARMSTRONGS    Jeans: NEW LOOK    Top: NEW LOOK      Shoes: TOPSHOP   Rings: PRIMARK/ VINTAGE/ BOUTIQUES    Head scarf: CLAIRES

I saw this jacket on the Ebay site of Armstrong’s Vintage Emporium. They have 2 shops in Edinburgh that I love to go to and was planning a visit when I saw this jacket on-line. I knew that was the kind of style I wanted on my trip. It was just my luck that when I was trailing the store, the exact jacket was on the rail! It’s slightly big on me, but just enough to get away with the oversized look. I usually wear it in this way, but with wellies. It’s my field-party, festival, cold weather outdoor gathering go-to outfit! I can easily layer 2 cardigans under it also!



When my friend invited me to a second hand fundraising event to make money for her mum’s choir, I jumped at the chance! I bought this dress at below knee length and with sleeves down to my elbows (the style, and it was a larger size.) I  hovered over whether to buy it or not. It was daring and needed a lot of work. In the end, I went for it! I took it on holiday to my grandma’s with me and she fixed it up just perfect! It is quite short and so is definitely more summer holiday were, so hopefully I can officially debut it in Italy!


Cardigan: VINTAGE    Jeans and tee: TOPSHOP    Shoes: H&M    Belt: DOROTHY PERKINS    Locket: VINTAGE FROM MY MUM (of her and my dad when they were young!)

I wanted a big, snug cardigan for my trip to New York last year as it was supposed to be chilly but dry. I wanted something easy to take on and off for shopping without the faff of layers of clothes each time I wanted to try something on! I fell in love with the pattern and colours this cardigan has!

What vintage treasures have you guys ever found?

Kath xxx

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