My craft corner

I recently gained a little armchair from my mum’s room into mine, and ever since, I’ve sort of stated that corner to be for ‘crafts.’ Though the corner lacks a table, which obviously isn’t ideal for sewing and so on, it’s the perfect place for brainstorming and doing quick and easy scrap booking pages that are fairly simple!

The cushions and blanket on the chair I’ve just gained over recent years, traditionally for my bed, but not I use them on here. The vintage-look cushion my Mum bought me for Christmas. I bought those buttons about a month before up at Edinburgh Art Gallery and panicked like mad when I thought I’d lost them! Christmas day came, and my mum surprised me with this. I was very grateful and I love it so much!

This is the chalkboard that Scott got me for my birthday, and I tend to use it as a blog plan board so I know roughly what I’m writing and when! When I took these photos, it was listed with posts I needed to write in advance for while I was away in Italy! It’s super handy for keeping organised and looks really good in my corner.

My ‘Live Laugh Love’ stickers on my wall always make me smile. That wall needed something to tie together the room, and as my room is bright, the mirrors look light and fresh.

I got this with Christmas money earlier on in the year, and I like to store it with all my other sewing bits under my chair, so I can easily get to it if I feel like making something new!

These pictures are from a couple of blogs I’ve seen and are my inspiration for how I’d like my proper craft corner to look one day!

Large picture– A Beautiful MessThis pretty sewing areas is so inspirational and fun. The area seems quirky and individual to her and that’s what I’d like to achieve. Seeing another person’s own rendition of that is really motivating!

Both small pictures- Going Home To Roost.  These areas are so organised and beautiful with lots of light and storage. The furniture is gorgeous, and all the personal touches make the area special and enjoyable to work in!

Kath xxx

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