DIY post cards

I decided to make Scott a little set of letters to open on specific dates while I’m away on holiday. I did the same last year and it was a really fun and sweet thing we both enjoyed. This year, I did a slightly different format which I’m going to share with you! It’s a quick and easy and can be customised to however you’d like. I made 5, one for every three days-ish, but of course you can do one just as a spontaneous surprise or one everyday for whatever reason!

Supplies: old gift cards with envelopes (I used old Christmas ones), pictures, glue, scissors, rulers, coloured pens

1. Cut your card so you have only half. I used the front as there was no message on the other side. Measure it’s width and height. Print out your pictures according to your measurements, but reduce by about 1-2cm to leave a frame (for example, my cards was 12.5 x 12.5cm so I printed my photos at about 11 x 11cm)

2. Cut out your pictures and stick to the front of your card. Decorate the border if you wish to

3. Write your message on the back of the card

4. Decorate your envelope (if you’d like) with whatever you want

VOILA! I hope you’re as happy with your postcards as I was- send me some pics of the results!!

Kath xxx

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