Why I can’t wait for Italy

This is my last ‘live’ post until I’m back from Italy now! As I’ve said before, Scott’s being lovely and manning it for me while I’m away. Although it’s going to be so hard to say goodbye to Scott for two weeks, and I’m going to miss home- I can’t wait! Italy has always been the #1 country I’ve wanted to go to and to see somewhere totally new is very exciting! So (in no particular order ;)) here’s my top reasons why I can’t wait…

  • FOOD- I picture Italian food, all I think is TOMATOES. I can’t wait to have fresh pasta with delicious tomato sauce, pizza with an incredible tomato sauce, bruschetta with fresh chopped tomatoes on top! OH, so good! The fresh, healthiness of it all is going to be so good and I cannot wait.
  • POOL– I love swimming. I could swim all day. Just casually dipping in and out of the pool in between sunbathing in the hot sun. Yes, please. During exams, I wasn’t very healthy and did little exercise, so I’m grabbing this chance to eat good food and do lots of swimming to get my fitness back up.
  • PEOPLE- I’ve heard such good things about the Italian people and I’m looking forward to just watching the people and seeing a different way of life. I’m rather intrigued to see the Granny’s with the massive muscles- apparently due to all that kneading of pizza dough and pasta! 
  • SUN- It’s a fact that the sun lifts your mood… well, it should be a fact anyway 😉 It’s an obvious part of a holiday to get excited for, but just roaming the streets in the warmth is going to be lovely.
  • FAMILY- I didn’t go on holiday with my family last year, and haven’t been on holiday with my brother since 2009, and even that holiday there were kids clubs so we spent little time together. It’s going to be really lovely to spend time together!

So, I cannot wait for this trip, but equally, I can’t wait to come home.  It’s not because I don’t want to go (obviously, I do!) but there’s so much I’m excited to come back and do at home, with people who are here.
So, I hope you stay reading even whilst I’m away. I’ve prepared some treats for you which I know you’ll all enjoy 😉 Scott will be filling you in on his occurrences also, so stay safe and I’ll be back with a lot of stories when I return!
Goodbye! Kath xxx

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