Fondue night

Me, Scott and Alex decided to have a bit of a fondue night last night! Me and Scott wandered down the the supermarket and picked up two big bars of Galaxy and some bits to dip in! We had lot of chocolate but it pretty much all went! Chocolate covered grapes, chocolate covered marshmallows, chocolate covered strawberries! SO TASTY!

As you can see, Scott had fun smothering chocolate on his face, seeing the ideal  photo opportunity 😉 I also wrote him chocolate ‘I ❤ U’- much harder than you may think! We had the perfect night, enjoying each others company and being silly! We snuggled down to watch the Apprentice and then went to sleep. It may be the end, but that last exam sure took the energy out of my boy!

This morning, I’m planning blog posts for while I’m away in Italy (leaving early tomorrow morning!!) while Scott works on a little something for me to take on holiday- I’m intrigued!

Kath xxx

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