A day trip to Glasgow

My mum and I spent the day up at Glasgow today. With only a year till I’m heading off to university, and less than that till I need to apply, it was clear I needed to start looking at different areas. I’ve had my heart set of Edinburgh for a little while, purely for ease I think really, but we’ve realised they’re rather low compared to many other Scottish universities on the league table for psychology. I had it in my head that I really didn’t want to go to Glasgow. Never been, never appealed- no reason why! But, as it was the top Scottish university on the table, it’s an obvious choice! With our neighbours advice, endless Google map searches and a sat nav on hand, we made our plan and headed on up. This picture above is of the beautiful university main building- stunning! There are two large courtyards and inside the building was just simply beautiful architecture.

We took the subway (so much quieter than London!) to Hillhead which came out on Byres Road. That was about 10 minutes from the campus, so had a really laid back, fun, casual vibe, with lots of little cafes and shops. We visited Vintage Guru, a store which I’d found on-line during planning, and had a fun time raiding the rails! We explored the campus shortly after getting a coffee in a cute little ice cream shop (sadly, I missed out on the raspberry sorbet, which looked sensational!)

Our main plan for the day was to head up to the Botanic Gardens, but we got so distracted exploring that it was well past lunch time when we were about ready to head up. We’ve been to Cafe Andaluz in Edinburgh and were excited when we saw there was one in Glasgow down a little cobbled street we found. After our energy boost, Mum and I wandered up to the Gardens which were packed with sun-happy bathers! We managed to find a quite, shady spot and just read our magazines for a little while!

We got a sneaky little shopping trip in on our way back to the car, and I bought a gorgeous wide brimmed hat (yes, it’ll be featured numerous times in fashion posts, don’t you worry ;))

Our day was superb and… yes- I am sold on Glasgow!

Kath xx

2 thoughts on “A day trip to Glasgow

  1. Glasgow really does have a fantastic vibe and after living in London, I still missed that. I’m now back and loving what Glasgow has to offer. It has the same fantastic shops, bars, parks and people as anywhere else, but you’ll find it’s generally cheaper to live which is great as a student. And Glasgow University is fabulous and generally still ranked high within league tables too. You certainly won’t regret studying here!

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