Sun is for: relaxing

I HAVE FINISHED MY EXAMS. To celebrate, I bussed myself off to Scott’s house and spent the afternoon relaxing in the sun with my special boy- it was outstanding! We took a few towels, speakers, our iPhones and a bottle of ice cold water and spent a couple of house cuddling, chatting and listening to some music. Sadly, Scott doesn’t have his last exam until Wednesday, so we have to wait until then to do it again!


-the Strokes- Under the Cover of Darkness

-Weezer- Island in the Sun

-Iron and Wine- Flightless Bird, American Mouth

I did a quick change after school uniform into, I think, my very favourite sun dress! I adore this dress that I got from Internacionale quite a few years ago. The pattern, colour, shape, fit- it’s so perfect and these hot days have made me very excited to wear it somewhere other than holidays abroad!

The time we spent together was so great, and to be stress/worry free was such a relief and I was just able for the first time in a while to just solely focus on us and our time together. I’ve got lots of plans for this next week before I head off to Italy on holiday; charity shop adventures, post preparation and days out!

How are you guys starting off your summer? Do you have a favourite summer activity or outfit? Let me know 🙂

Kath xx

**Scott’s tee is from Topman for those interested!

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