Summer’s here…

… we’re getting there at least! I can’t believe this amazing weather that has sprung up the last couple of days! It’s made revising seem a whole lot easier because of the thought of enjoying the beautiful outdoors afterwards! This picture was an Instagram Alex accidentally snapped, which when edited looked pretty cool! I’ve been making the most of the heat and revised outside yesterday, before heading out to meet Mum for lunch on her walk home from work. It was a nice relaxing unwind after a morning of Human Biology boredom! These are just some photos I’ve got the last few days…

The weather has made me just want to eat piles of fresh fruit and delicious sorbet (Tesco’s own raspberry sorbet– best ever!) I enjoyed that as a mid morning snack with some lemon water to cool me down yesterday morning. I laid out my towel and garden cushions and brought out all my necessary tools thinking the day would start off cool and warm up like it normally does in Scotland, but it was HOT from the beginning of the day!

I’ve been tuning out and working on my scrapbook of an evening. One of my summer goals is to make myself at least one item of clothing, and I made this little dress to stick to that page! The chocolate fondue was a spontaneous bed time treat for us the other night. Melted galaxy with grapes and strawberries for mum and I and broken up Flump marshmallow for Alex!

I hope this gorgeous weather stays for the weekend, so I can make the most of it when all my exams are done! It has been a packed week. One today, another tomorrow and my last on Friday! TOUGH. It’s hard to have the motivation to revise of an evening, especially after sitting an exam in the day as well, but the tweeting birdies outside are making me smile so I’m sitting through it!

With our family holiday to Italy getting closer, (a week and two days!) I’m going to be a busy-bee organising lots of posts! Scott is going to ‘man the ship’ for me while I’m away, so sadly I won’t be posting about Italy there and then. I’ll be sure to follow up my holiday with many Italy filled posts though, and I hope to find some inspiration of exciting things to share on here! I do believe Scott is going to feature some posts himself, so you’re some lucky readers *winks*

Now, French verbs await me, but I think a pile of mango may just keep me energy levels high… until the Apprentice comes on TV anyway!

Kath xxx

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