DIY Journal cover

Now, I am posting this DIY before it’s complete.. I know, I know, shameful! BUT.. I was hoping you guys could help me out a little. See, I decorated this journal/scrapbook I had last night and I’m so so please with how it’s turned out. I knew when I’d ‘finished’ it that it needed something else on the cover, be it a title or some pretty decorations, but in my excitement to create, I didn’t think that one through before! Now, I’m sat here failing to think up some creative ideas for how to complete my cover. I’ve trailed blogs and the internet but not quite found exactly what it is I want to do yet… HELP?

Meanwhile, here’s some brief instructions on how to do this yourself.

You’ll need: fabric (mine is an old vintage skirt), fabric scissors, staple gun or large stapler, ribbon, imagination!

1. Measure the height and width of your paper fronted journal (mine is from Paperchase) and cut out your fabric, adding about an inch each side for folding.

2. As mine is ringed, I drew a pencil line about a quarter inch from the edge of the left side. I then lay my fabric good side down on this line, and moved it right so it overlapped the line I’d drawn by just under an inch. Then, staple your fabric to your cover as many times as you want.

3. Fold your fabric make over, and flatten the fold of material you’ll now have, and stable once more. Then fold your excess material over the top and staple and likewise with the bottom. Make sure you don’t pull your fabric too much one way or another, of it’ll be wobbly and creased.

4. Fold over your final right edge and staple again. FOR STEP 3 AND 4, MAKE SURE YOUR STAPLES GO IN TO THE INSIDE OF YOUR BOOK, THAT WAY YOU WONT SEE THEM.

5. The staples slightly came through to my front cover, so I used big scissors to push the staples flat so they didn’t cut.

6. I then picked my lace ribbon and pulled it taut with the edges on the inner cover, and stapled them in again.

So, this is it so far! I’d love your help with more inspiration for the front 🙂

Kath xxx

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