Blogs and crafts

I’ve always wanted to be a person who is super creative and who was naturally good at sewing and art, but sadly that’s not me. When I have a set of instructions, I can follow them, but when it comes to being innovative and creating my own ideas, I’ve always struggled.

Since I created my blog last year, I became more and more aware of getting out there and looking at more blogs. I lacks drive at the start because I didn’t know how to spread the word, so had no motivation to write posts. Over the past year I’ve discovered some beautiful, creative and inspiring blogs that I adore reading everyday. A Beautiful Mess is my number one favourite. Elsie is so creative, and I enjoy every DIY she posts about. With her scrapbooks, pretty displays and beautiful outfit posts, I constantly feel inspired to make something I’m proud of.

With my exams taking up all my time at the moment, I don’t have the chance to do projects I’m coming up with in my head, but I’m jotting them down in my plan book and looking forward to planning a lot this summer. My sister has asked me to make her cushions for her sofa set so she’s been telling me what she wants, and I’m getting really excited to get into that project. I also saw a guide to making some pretty scented pillows to hang in your wardrobe.

Exploring blogs has made me more confident in my style and starting blogging, and I really hope I can develop both into something to inspire others the way I have been by so many.

I can’t wait to be completely creative and get down to making lots of cute and exciting things, as well as continuing the scrapbook I started last night.

Kath xx

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