[A selection of Joy dresses I tried on not long ago]

Hello, lovely people! I thought I’d share with you today an offer I spotted that’s up on the amazing Joy. As you know, I am such a huge fan of there clothes! They are giving away a free £35 dress if you spend over £75 in store. This is an offer they do quite often, and I’ve gained two dresses from it unexpectedly in the past- what a lovely treat 😉 Here is the lovely polka dot dress they’re giving away, and here are some of my existing Joy clothes I thought I’d share with you guys. Apologies, as some of which you’ll have seen before.

As you can see these were holiday and day out pictures, so you can’t fully see the skirt and shorts, but these are two of my favourite items. I bought the shorts on the left early last year, and they fit lovely, but, being in my early teens then, my body shape changed and now they look a little baggy and loose! Very annoying! The material is brilliant though, and always have fun style them in different ways. The skirt on the left is probably my favourite item in my wardrobe- ever! I was searching for a denim A-Line skirt, and when I saw this, I was over the moon! It’s the right length and is high waisted so is fun to style, and is so summery and lovely! Perfect!

These are my dresses, the first was one of the free ones I received. You can see how I style it here. The two smaller pictures I bought only last month, one from my Dad and one I got myself with birthday money. It seems I just missed out on the free dress deal- how disappointing?! They’re both ideal for summer, and the yellow polka dot one is great for evenings too. The back is cut out so it looks a little more dressy with heels which is good! (Can I just say, I don’t wear fake tan, and the bottom small picture was an Instagram I tried to edit back to normal colours, hense why my legs look orange and nothing else does!)

Not only are there clothes fab, but every time I go into Joy I get amazing service and the ladies on the floor are always so helpful and willing! It feels like you’ve got your own personal shopping service 😉

So, check out this offer, and let me know which dresses you’re loving off their site! Kath xxx

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