My weekend in pictures

Using my Instagrams… (mostly!)

I cooked myself this stir fry for my lunch which was extremely delicious! I also found my little brothers binoculars and amused my self when revision was just too boring to bare. I went on an evening wander and saw the sunset which was so pretty.

I made myself raisin pancakes with syrup and ice cream for breakfast, recipe for the pancakes (minus the raisins) here. I sat in the garden for a little while because all the flowers looked so pretty, but sadly the wind picked up and the rain got torrential! I wore my red tights and brown brogues and shared it with you lovely people here in an outfit post.

Although my weekend was spent mostly revising, the breaks I had were filled with happy, pretty, yummy things, which are what get me through the 6 hours work each day! Now, Monday is here, and it’s back to that same old routine, but I just get excited and make plans for next weekend instead!

I’d love to hear all about what you guys have done and are planning on doing any time soon! Kath xxx

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