Making rice and vegetable stir fry with chicken

I decided to cook myself a meal at lunch time yesterday, and fancied something tasty with lots of veg, so I made a bit of a mash up stir fry! Mine was done with no recipe and made one big portion, so alter the amounts for your personal needs, and chop and change between different flavours if you fancy!

Stir-fry rice

Ingredients: cabbage, onion, broccoli, peppers, mushrooms, carrots, cucumber, tomatoes (or any other stir fry vegetables), rice (type of your choice, I used basmati and wild rice), sesame oil

1. Boil your rice for about 10-15 minutes, until nearly cooked

2. Finely slice all of your vegetables and heat oil in a frying pan

3. Add your vegetables to the fan, and fry off until the vegetables are golden brown and softened

4. Drain your rice, and add the vegetables to the pan. Mix in with rice, and turn off heat until your chicken is done

Marinated Chicken

Ingredients: chicken breasts, sesame oil, soy sauce, chilli sauce, ground pepper, ground coriander, ground ginger

1. Combine all your spices in a bowl till you get the flavour you want, then add your chicken and marinade (since my meal was last minute, it was only left for about half an  hour, but obviously over night or for a few hours would give a stronger taste)

2. Fry your chicken one one side for about 5-10 minutes of low-medium heat

3. Flip your chicken, and cook for a remaining 5-10 minutes. Obviously, the size of your chicken breast will vary the cooking time. (If they’re big, you could always chop the chicken into pieces or flatten slightly before cooking)

4. Turn your rice and veg on to low heat to finish cooking through shortly before your chicken is finished, and then serve the chicken on a bed of rice!

I laid the table  a bit fancy for fun (no, I didn’t use the chopsticks *blush*) and served with soy sauce. I had chilled lemon water with it which went down quite nicely.

I had vanilla ice cream with fresh mango and grapes for pudding. YUM!

This was definitely result considering it was completely improvised and filled the spot perfectly! It’s quick and easy if you ever fancy something really tasty but are in a rush also!

Kath xxx


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