What I’m wearing: red tights

Today, I get to do nothing but revise sadly. It’s a sunny day outside and I so just want to go out and stay out enjoying it, but duty calls! My first exam is done now, so I’m glad because I know now they’ll fly by and soon be totally finished!

Here’s what I’m wearing at the moment…

Dress: JOY    Cardigan: FAT FACE      Tights: F&F AT TESCO            Brogues: Gifted, From NEW LOOK      Rings: Vintage

I got these shoes from my Dad the Christmas before last. My sister helped picked them out and I love them. They’re super comfy and I’ll probably say mostly the same things about them as I did on this post…! (Can I just say, I do realise that in the shoe picture, i look like the Wicked Witch of the East after she got crushed by Dorothy’s house!)

I never used to be a dresses and tights girl, but as my style has changed over the years, I’ve realised I’m a big fan of bright tights! These ones are my favourites because the colour goes so well with so many others- in particular mustard yellow!

This dress is another Joy beauty. I actually got it free on an offer, spend over £75, and luckily, it was the day my Mum was buying her winter coat! Very please with that! It’s really comfortable and the material is lovely, and is good for layering in spring and autumn, or on its own in summer! Big love!

Well, back to work from me, hope you’re all having a far more exciting Saturday! Kath xxx

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