Sunshine #2


Here’s my second instalment of some of my favourite summer things to do!

-Spending Days Out

Last year, my family and I visited some beautiful National Trust places! Scott came too, and we spent out days exploring and spending lots of lovely time together! The first and second pictures are of us at Culzean Castle and the third is my sister, Bryony, her girlfriend, Christina and I at Chessington World of Adventures. The last was just a day out in town when me and Scott were on brother-sitting duty 😉

(My two favourite boys- aren’t they sweeties?!)


I love going for long, lazy walks! Collapsing on a spot here and there, digging in to the picnic you brought a long and enjoying the summer rays on your skin! Oh, idyllic! These pictures are of me at Porchester Castle down South, the little woodland route not far from my house I go on regularly and Scott and I on a wander last summer that route.


Whether it’s the sandy beaches of North Berwick or the pebbled ones of the Tweed river, I adore sitting by the water on a warm day! Southsea beach in Portsmouth where I’m from is my all time favourite beach (despite the stones!) I love the historic stories and walking past the arcade! Maybe it’s just happy memories! Nostalgia kicking in whenever I visit! The beach down at Porchester (picture three) is also lovely!

-Summer Gatherings

What’s nicer than spending an amazing evening with your friends, outside as the sun goes down, laughing, dancing and having a great time! 

(Can I just say how awesome Cara who’s in these pictures is? I love her dearly :))

I hope you’ve enjoyed an insight into my summer favourites and I’m excited to hear what you lovely readers are looking forward to!

Kath xxx

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