Sunshine #1

Today has been a horrible day. Chucking it down with rain, grey and bleak. Not happy weather! My first exam is tomorrow, (modern studies) and even though  I’m feeling confident and know my facts, I still spent the day frantically making sure I’ve not missed anything! I’m not the sort of person who gets that stressed about exams, I just get on with it. I know in my head, I can do the best I can, and I just have to get on with it! In a way, I’m excited for exams to start, because I know once the first one is done, the others will fly by!

I cannot wait for those sunny summer days! Here’s why (in no particular order!)…

Pretty Summer Flowers          

I love it when the whole town is all green and in bloom! Fresh cut grass is my favourite smell, and walking home smelling that with all the pretty flowers out around me is definitely one of my favourite things to do in summer!

-Sunset skies                                                                                                                                 

These particular photos were taken last summer just in random moments when the sky just looked too beautiful not to capture! Sadly, my camera skills didn’t do the sight justice! The first was on an evening dander me and Scott took at his older sisters birthday party at his house in the field out back. The second was on a drive home from my Uncle’s when I stayed with my grandparents last July. We pulled in to the lay by so I could snap a few shots because it was truly magical!


Although I’m not big on travelling (a bit of a home bird ;)) I do adore going on a different adventure each year, even if it’s just down South to England to visit my family! Last year, I was lucky enough to visit New York and Washington DC on a Modern Studies school tour. Truthfully, I expected to fall in love with New York and not want to leave, but that turned out not to be the case. I didn’t mind the hectic atmosphere or the noise at all, and roaming the streets after dark was incredible, but when we arrived in Washington to at least 20degrees, I was over the moon! Everything was so clean, pristine and beautiful! Wandering around looking at memorials was a highlight for me. The walk around the lake by the Jefferson monument was just breathtaking (second picture) ! I’m desperate to go back!


I’m sad to say I’ve never been to a big music festival, but I’ve been to my fair share of concerts instead and adore the experience! Wandering back to a friends mums car after enjoying a sweaty basement experience, eating heavily vinegar-ed chips was a pretty awesome 😉  The following photo is me and a friend from a mini festival held in the fields of Tweeddale! It was raining, but that simply added to the experience, and finishing the night singing and dancing with all my friends was so brilliant!

Writing this post and looking back at last summers pictures has got me even more excited for summer this year 😀

I’ll be back tomorrow with the second instalment of my sunshine pleasures! Let me know what you’re excited for when the sun and hot climates arrive!

Kath xx

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