I’m definitely a person who functions a whole lot better when things are in order! I’ve always loved writing lists and plans, sorting through things and rearranging endlessly. I must have had the most colour co-coordinated Barbies ever when I was young! I love my dressing table and having a place I can do my make-up in the morning that isn’t my floor! I like to make sure all my favourite products are right in front of me, easily accessible so I know where things are when I’m in my pre-school, early morning rush! I like to have notes on my mirror too. One is a list of things not to forget, the other is a small card that says ‘think like a queen, a queen is not afraid to fall’ which I think is very sweet!

I have a few perfumes, by Tommy Hilfiger ‘LOUD’ is my day to day one. This book was a Christmas present and has make-up tutorials from the 20s to the 90s, featuring Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Clara Bow- I love it as a go-to inspiration guide! I like having my make up brushes, mascara and main eye liner displayed and on hand in this little glass pot. It’s easier than rooting round a draw and finding them all messed up, especially as they’re MAC so are well worth keeping in good condition!

Sadly, my dresser marks really easily, but we bought these plastic table mats from IKEA to place in the draws ages ago, so it’s easy to wipe clean if I ever need to. Most of the make up at the back of my draw I only use for nights out or events as opposed to day-to-day wear.

My every day make up is made up of a few bits, so I just make sure to have it all ready for use!

How do you organise your space? Any good storage tips? Let me know!

Kath xx

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