What I’m wearing

Originally I created this blog with the intention of it being a fashion blog, and from researching, the general consensus was that you should focus on one particular topic when writing. It became clear shortly after that, as a high school student wearing uniform every day, it was a lot of effort to document outfits I wasn’t actually wearing! Since I’ve got back into TVT, I’ve realised that I enjoy writing about recipes or about what I did with my day, just as much as I love choosing outfits and sharing them. I understand that not all readers will want to know what I’m wearing and will just be interested in a recipe, or someone wants to find about some products I tried, not where I went the weekend before, but for me as the blogger, I enjoy writing about all these things. And reading! All the blogs I read (and totally love!) are about life in general. A range of topics, and some days, I’m more interested in one than another. I’m happier writing about all things I love and knowing there’s a great mix of people reading and enjoying that just the same few people each day! I’d love to hear what you guys have to say about blogging and what topics you enjoy most. Do you share my view? Or do you prefer to stick to what you know??

I spent my revision lunch break with my friend, Cara, today. We visited Coltman’s, a little restaurant in town which we adore! Today, I had chicken and dumpling soup which was delicious and strawberry milkshake- I forgot just how good they were! I wore this outfit…

Blouse: JOY    Jumper: gift from NEXT    Jeans: H&M     Shoes: TOPSHOP       Bag: vintage     Necklace: gift (not sure where from)

I ADORE THESE SHOES! I bought them with my Christmas money from Topshop. I saw a suede pair a few weeks before but was waiting till Christmas was done. When I went to buy them, I was so sad they were all sold out in my size! These leather ones had come online by then and were exactly the same style, so I bought them. They’re the perfect height and style and I love love love them!

You’ve probably noticed that I seem to be wearing/ buying a lot of yellow… well, yes… but it’s not intentional! I must admit, mustard yellow was my favourite during winter and this love has continued on to a paler yellow for spring and summer. I’m not complaining!

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading

Kath xxx

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