Picnics, walks and crazy hair!

Today, on a revision break, me and my little brother walked up a hill not far from our house and stopped for a picnic. The day started off beautifully sunny but by midday was spitting and windy, but we still headed out despite the bad weather! Alex was making cookies this morning, so we boxed up some of them, made hot chocolate in a flask, brought some mini sausage rolls and stopped for a little picnic on the way!

I sported my wellies and trench and layered up with big, cosy, charity cardigans underneath so I was warm and me and Alex nattered away.

Mum was working so me and Alex grabbed the chance to have some sibling-time on our day off school! It’s always awesome spending time with him- he’s such a little sweetie and always makes me laugh! Our older sister, Bryony, lives down in Woking near my Dad, and I miss spending time with her so much, so it’s nice that me and Alex are also so close and have that time together!

I feel I have to mention my beauty of a backpack… BIG LOVE! It was actually my Mum’s but when she was clearing through her bags this was on the ‘to go’ pile so I sneakily nabbed it! I’m not sure where it’s from but it’s gorgeous and the perfect size!

What are you guys doing with your weekends??

Kath xx

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