Making pizza baguette

This is a super fun take on pizza which are so delicious and simple! It’s something my family and I have made for a while and always goes down a treat!  It’s obviously really easy to mix up as well with different toppings, and can be done in mini pieces for mini pizza-style party nibbles!

A good idea is to prep all your ingredients first. It makes things easier, and means you everyone can choose there own individual toppings and make there own- a fun family tea! We always use a basic pizza topping, mozzarella and cheddar cheese and basil. We then gather things such as hams, pepperoni or salami, mushrooms, peppers (today we had jarred char-grilled peppers which were delicious!), tuna, sweetcorn, pineapple- you can do more adventurous toppings if you wish obviously.

The basic steps to this recipe are:

1. Half a French baguette (you can use any type of crusty loaf is you wanted) and cut it into the number of pieces/ sizes you want. This recipe is for half a sliced baguette (a quarter, I guess!)

2. Spread a thin layer of your tomato pizza topping on your halved baguette.

3. Scatter mozzarella over your baguette evenly (and cheddar at this step if you want. I add it last so it goes crispy!)

4.  Add on all your desired toppings!!

5. Bake for about 20 minutes (depending on size) at about 200 degrees (fan oven)

Enjoy!! Kath xx

P.S. I didn’t plan for this to be a blog post so apologies the photos aren’t brilliant!)

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