I thought I’d write about something that seems relevant to more than one aspect of my life today! I know it’s a psychological thing that you try harder when you know your getting a reward for it, whether a material award or otherwise, but never has it seemed more relevant.

Revision Joys!

Revising is tough, and even though it’s only a week and 2 days until my first exam, I still find myself saying ‘oh, I can put this off for a little while’ or ‘why am I doing this when I don’t need to know it until 2 weeks time?!’ but I persist none the less! Today in school, I got a few tests back- nothing significant, just practice- and the good marks I got made me realise one more that I can do it, no matter how boring it may be!

Blog Brainstorming

Likewise, I started this blog again to tune out of studying on my breaks, and I realised how much I do enjoy it, and thinking about what and when I’m going to write different thinks makes it achievable and exciting! I waited a few days and posts until I started commenting elsewhere and trying to spread the word about TVT, but when I did, I was pleasantly surprised! I’ve got followers and likes in numbers far bigger than I expected, and I didn’t realise how motivating and exciting that would be! The thought of growing this constantly makes me so excited, and feels like something I can continue to develop well after my revising and studying and teenage years!

However lovely it is to get rewarded for things, though, that doesn’t always happen straight away, so I know I need to pursue what I want and stick to it. So I will. Because I can and will achieve what I want to and what I plan to, whether that’s tomorrow, next month, or in 5 years time! And so can everyone else. I firmly believe that if you try hard and stick to things you will get where you want to, so DO IT! If you fancied starting a blog yourself, if you’ve got some jobs you’ve been putting off for ages, if you just want to go somewhere know- give it a go. You might be pleasantly surprised with what comes out of it too! 🙂 Kath xxx

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