Daddy day!

Yesterday, my dad came up to visit from England, which was lovely! I hadn’t seen him since Christmas so it was good to spend time with him. We went up to Ocean Terminal in Leith and browsed the shops, had lunch and saw Hunger Games at the cinema!

I really wanted to buy a dress with some of my birthday money (the rest which I am saving in case I need extra driving lessons ;))  and I knew Joy was the very first place I wanted to look! They are a little pricey, so I only buy these now and again, but their items are always brilliant quality and look gorgeous! I bought one dress, and Dad bought me another (he’s so lovely :D)…

These are some Instagram snaps from the day… The second and fourth photo are the dresses I bought, the first all the ones I tried on! We visited the Handmade Burger Co for our lunch, which was new for us both but did not disappoint! Not only was the food incredible (cajun chips = 5*) but the service was brilliant! Sadly, there isn’t one in central Edinburgh, but Ocean Terminal has lots of really good shops, so I’ll just have to visit there more often! I’ll probably be featuring these dresses regularly in my posts as I think I am going to wear the constantly! Hopefully I can do a post with different styling of them also 🙂 Hope your weekends have been lovely, let me know what you’ve done! Kath xx

P.S. the last photo was me showing Scott my dresses over text photos, hense the *I LOVE YOU X* message!

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