Vintage postcards

Earlier in the year, me and Scott went for a day out in Edinburgh. We visited Dynamic Earth and had a mad shop dash five minutes before closing time! On our way down the Royal Mile, a little antique shop caught our eye- Antiques. I’d walked past it a few times before, but my family don’t share my love of vintage and antique delights! Scott, however, does! I’m such a lucky girl 😉

I wanted to have a look for postcards in particular. I’d received a lovely one with a cute vintage painting on it last year, and had seen a few projects which I fancied trying out! At first, the cards they had all seemed like your typical shelf cards, but with a little more searching I found two beauties! I’m gonna tell you about both of those, and the one I mentioned a moment ago from my grandparents!

Translation: I’m not what you think!…

Germaine Bouret was a French artist who painted children she saw on the streets and squares of Paris for prints and postcards. I got this from my Grandma and Papa when they were on a trip in St Ives. I straight away fell in love with the cute design! You can order loads more of her prints on line!

Sent in 1968, Tarbat Ness Lighthouse, Portmahamock

I was so excited when I found this.. firstly- it’s the year my mum was born, which though has no relevance was still fairly cool! And secondly- it seems like such a long time for one measly bit of card! The message was written to, what I assume, was a relative, from a family holidaying in the area. When I researched it on line, I found some beautiful photos of the lighthouse and the coast surrounding it!

1911. Message reads: Dearest Ma. Hope you don’t feel very tired after your long walk on Sunday. I shall most likely be home on Sunday. How is Granny I hope alright. Fondest to all

And to add to my excitement…. WOW! 100 years ago, someone wrote this postcard and 100 years later, here I am with my hands on it! Pretty exciting for a second-hand lover like me! This postcard is by FAR my favourite. I currently have it in a frame on my desk, but the card is slightly too small for it. I hope to get it properly framed one day! It’s one of those things that I can imagine keeping forever, making part of a beautiful display. I love the painting, with the ‘idle moments’ caption- so sweet!

Kath xxx

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