Burt’s Bees: REVIEWED

So, for my birthday last week, I received a Burt’s Bees mini set of five of their products. I’ve been desperate to try out their stuff, and when I realised a little shop in town sold them, they were straight on my birthday list! Scott was very wise and got me a selection so I could try things out and see which I liked best! I was pleased with most of the products, but there’s definitely a couple that are going straight to the top of my *LOVE* list!


Smell- 5/5          Feel- 4/5           Success- 4/5

This is definitely one of my favourite of the five! It smells gorgeous, fresh and natural. Applying it was good, as it is slightly thicker so it doesn’t come gushing out, yet I still had the perfect amount straight away! It tingles as you rub it in so left my skin feeling very fresh and clean. The only thing is that it isn’t an eye make up remover, and I personally prefer something that does an all-in-one job to save time, (and money!) but for a relaxing bath and a pamper, it is definitely one I’d purchase in its full size!


Smell- 2/5          Feel- 3/5           Success- 2/5

I must admit, I was a little disappointed with this, but I’ve never tried a hand salve over a cream before, perhaps that was why! The smell is purely personal taste- for me it was a little to herb-y, verging on medicine-y, which is not for me! I expected it to be sticky but it wasn’t at all, but you can only get small amounts as it’s solid. I actually thought at first I was misusing it, but maybe the intention is that you use a little, a lot? Or maybe it’s better for particular spots than whole hands? Either way, I felt it was lacking moisture, I couldn’t get much on my hands, and it wasn’t a product I could massage in slowly… I think I’ll stick to a cream next time!


Smell- 5/5          Feel- 4/5           Success- 4 (and a half!)/5

I saw milk and honey. I got excited. I wasn’t disappointed!!! This product smells divine and is so perfect after a relaxing soak! Yum yum yum! Application of it was also good, went on smoothly and spreads well without piles of lotion! It was ever so slightly sticky on my skin, but once rubbed it I didn’t actually notice it. I hate to mark it down, even by 1/2 for that!I woke up and my legs felt smooth and like it had clearly worked its magic! BIG FAN! This is by far my favourite product and I am most DEFINITELY returning it to my gift list!!!


Smell- 1/5          Feel- 1/5           Success- 1/5

I was so gutted about this! I love coconut, but I swear, however much I smelt it, there wasn’t a trace! The smell wasn’t unpleasant, it’s just that there wasn’t really a smell at all! *Sad face* When I squeezed it out the bottle, I was surprised as it was like a VERY thick jelly. I needed to squeeze really hard to get a good amount out and it already felt really sticky on my hands! It was thick, which was good, but actually TOO thick! I rubbed it in my feet and it was sticky, syrupy and a horrible feeling! The instruction say to wear cotton socks over, which I did, but when I woke up this morning, I didn’t really notice any change to my feet. No softer, no smoother! For something so difficult to apply, it’s a shame it didn’t even give good results 😦


Smell- 4/5          Feel- 3/5           Success- 3/5

WARNING- if you’re a person who can’t stand the tingling sensation some lip products give you, this isn’t one for you- but for me? Ooh, I love it! Tingly and fresh- perfect! The smell is minty so reflects of the effect it has! However, it does lack moisture, and doesn’t give any look to the lips either, which I know isn’t really the point of balms, but it can be nice! My lips did actually feel slightly sore after it had worn off, because they were lacking moisture! I’m definitely not ruling this one out, it’s fun and fresh, even if it doesn’t fulfil the purpose I desire!!

So, my overall favourites were definitely the cleanser and moisturiser! I won’t bother with the foot cream or hand salve again, but don’t be afraid to give them a go if you think my critique won’t apply to you personally! Definitely give Burt’s Bees products a go, because they do the job, smell lovely and are naturally yummy! What products do you guys love?? Kath xx

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