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Instagram pictures

Hello! These pictures are a mix of last night and today… 1st and 3rd being today 🙂 The tree one was on the way to my after school tutor and the sun coming through looked so pretty! I installed Instagram onto my phone a little while ago, but only started using it properly since I’ve got back into this blog recentely. I didn’t realise how fun it could be! I think it’s awesome how you can take a picture of something so simple, make it look a bit cooler and then publish it for everyone to see! It’s sort of like quick-go-to-blogging too, so if you’re running short of time but want to connect, it’s perfect!

I was doing a little extra research for some future blog posts last night, so hopefully I’ll be giving you lovely people something interesting to read shortly!  I thought it’d be a lot harder than it has been to create material for the blog during such a busy time! Revision is piling up as I get closer and closer to the exams- they’re scarily soon! I just seem to stumble across things I once received or bought on a whim and think ‘ah- blog potential?’ which is good! It gives me something to tune out of after school, before I go to bed or in my revision breaks, but it still feels productive. I’ve been trying to spread the word as much as I can, and I am pleased with how that’s going so far, so I hope you guys will stick with me to see what’s on its way! Thank you so much! Kath xx

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