Making pancakes

Though I myself am normally a crepe lover, I was pleasantly surprised with quite how yummy these scotch pancakes were when I made them for my brother the other night! They are super easy, but sadly this recipe only makes about 6, so not many went round the four of us! Obviously, you’ll just need to double the mixture if you want to make a bigger batch…

1. Measure out all of your ingredients. Sift the SR flour into a bowl, and add the caster sugar. Separately, beat the eggs and then add the milk to them.

2. Gradually, stir your wet ingredients into the flour and sugar with a wooden spoon, bit by bit to prevent any lumps forming!

3. Keep stirring your mixture until it is totally smooth.

4. Heat your pan on medium heat, no oil or butter. When your pan is hot -you can test it by adding a little mixture- add a large tablespoon of mixture– (that will make relatively small pancakes, but they do get bigger as the cook. Personally, I prefer adding a little extra mixture, but it’s your choice.)

5. Cook the pancakes for about 30 seconds before flipping. Cook for about 20 seconds more then check to see if they’re done!

6. When they’re cooked, just serve them and enjoy!

I had mine with strawberries and maple syrup, but my brother opted for bacon instead of the fruit! Fresh fruit, honey, syrup, jam, cream, butter- whatever you fancy! You can do your pancakes one at a time or serve a batch at a time, it’s purely what ever is best for you! Happy munching 😉 Kath xxx

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