Birthday party!

Our birthday party yesterday was brilliant! Filled with fun, food, laughter, dancing and silliness! Perfect! I started off with presents from Scott (a chalkboard week planner, travel planner and Burt’s Bees beauty selection- oh, he knows me well!) which were all lovely! We then tucked into the party food and milkshakes, which all went down well!

Party games consisted of Pin the Tail on the donkey (sadly, I didn’t win the bubble sabre, but had a good shot of it!) and a reinforced castle piñata which seemed to take an age to break, but caused many giggles. We then danced like crazy while playing musical bumps and musical statues before collapsing in a sugared up heap! A highly successful day in my mind!

Jelly and ice cream, as well as cake and tarts were well enjoyed after our dancing and the rest of the evening was very chilled out!

This last picture is a beautiful hand painted box I got as a present from Scott’s family! It’s his mothers work and I adore it! I feel genuinely privileged to have it 🙂 Kath xxx

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