Making jam tarts


Hello! It’s been a busy but lovely weekend so far! It was my birthday yesterday and all my friends in school had covered the table in balloons and made cake! Mint chocolate cupcakes, two rounds of brownies and a mega chocolate cake- it’s fair to say I have incredible friends! Today, it was my mum’s birthday, so we had a joint party which was super fun! I’ll post about that shortly, but for now, here’s how to make some jam tarts I prepared for our birthday bash!

You’ll need: short crust pastry (I used Jus-Roll pre-made because of a lack of time, but of course you can make your own,) any flavour of jam (or lemon curd)

1. Spread flour on a large, flat surface and onto your rolling pin before beginning to roll out your pastry. Keep turning it so it rolls to an even thickness- less than half a centimetre. Cut your circles so they are wider that your bun tray holes. Place the pastry circles in the tray and push down so your pastry is flat to the base.

2. Place 1tsp of jam into each cup. Don’t overfill, or (as you’ll see from mine) they bubble over and just don’t look quite as pretty!!

3. (Optional) If you have spare pastry, you can re-roll it and use cutter or just a knife to cut shapes and make patterns!

4. Bake at 190 degrees celcius (fan oven) for 12-15 minutes

When you bring your tarts out the oven, be very sure not to touch them because the jam is scorching hot. Before they are completely cool though, use a knife to cut around the edge if any jam has bubbled over, or it’ll turn solid and  you’ll find it very tricky to get them out!

These went down a treat and are simple, yet delicious! Enjoy! Kath xxx

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