This is becoming an ever popular post, but… I’m back! Again!

I must admit,  continuing this blog has slipped my mind recently. My thoughts were that I didn’t have enough time out of school to be posting regular outfit updates or posting about what I’ve done. Life right now revolves around school and exams- as it should, I guess. But my mum said something to me yesterday (ever wise words, mama) that made me realise, I don’t have to write just about my clothes or attempt to do DIY’s regularly. I can just write about what I want.

I won’t lie- a large appeal to me of having a blog has always been because it feels so professional! Sad, but true! But when I truly expressed an interest in the blogging world, the ones I found and enjoyed made me think again. I realised that it’d be nice to have somewhere to log your thoughts, and at the same time, share your interests and reach out to others doing what I am at the moment also. After all, I’m not the only nearly-17 year old stressed with the thought of exams in less than a month and a first driving lesson is not long! AH!

So, I will try as hard as I can to be regular with this, and maybe I’ll find it really therapeutic or something! We’ll see.  Love, Kath xx

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